San Diego Chargers Must Address Defensive Troubles

San Diego Chargers Must Address Defensive Troubles

San Diego Chargers Must Address Defensive Troubles

There’s been a ton of publicity encompassing the San Diego Chargers entering this new year of football. I’ve caught wind of Super Bowls notwithstanding the way that they’re clear NFC West top choices. All things considered, the Chiefs and Raiders have been reliably powerless lately, also the way that the Broncos are a shell of what they were a year ago.

The Chargers have discovered some accomplishment throughout the span of the last couple of seasons and their offense is perhaps the most strong in the NFL. Beginning with Philip Rivers, who is falling off of a profession year that saw him breakout in 2008, the passing game has been extraordinary, on account of Vincent Jackson at wide beneficiary and Antonio Gates, a standout amongst other tight finishes in football. The running match-up is first class, as LaDanian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles are quite possibly the most deadly one-two combos in ace football today.

After nearly losing to the Raiders during their initial game, the San Diego Chargers fought against eminent loss in an emotional design, killing the game from the Raiders. สล็อตฟรีเครดิต ไม่มีฝาก This was a game that the Chargers were required to win all things considered, and they nearly let it slip.

During the group’s subsequent game, the meeting Ravens were known to be a perilous group. Continually showing incredible protective abilities, the running match-up in Baltimore is on par with what it was back in the Jamal Lewis days, as Rice, McGahee, and McClain can harm pretty much any group. The Chargers let this game get away, blowing two opportunities to score TDs late that would have dominated them the match.

Was this an incredible game played by the Ravens, or an awful one played by the Chargers? Many are talking profoundly of the Ravens up until now, so perhaps the Chargers shouldn’t stress.

What the San Diego Chargers ought to be stressed over is the condition of their protective unit. Having surrendered a bigger number of focuses than it ought to in the fourteen days, this is an essential driver for concern.



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