Super Bowl XLIII – Let’s Play Ball Or Let’s Play Sports?

Super Bowl XLIII – Let’s Play Ball Or Let’s Play Sports?

Super Bowl XLIII – Let’s Play Ball Or Let’s Play Sports?

This may shock no one, however, simultaneously James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers was impacting the world forever for the longest play ever in a Super Bowl game, I was attempting to sort out precisely what the hell occurs during a football match-up. Without a doubt, I’m a games devotee, however football to me generally appears as though a lot of furious men charging at one another. In any case, subsequent to seeing a thrilling Super Bowl 2009, I’m left to accept that football is very much like some other game. You don’t think so? Indeed, let me demonstrate it to you.

Profiting by a terrible toss by the Arizona Cardinals, James Harrison gets the ball and takes off like Usain “Lightning” Bolt. As he passes the 60 yard line, he evades a couple of men like Kobe Bryant. At that point, he does an astounding Jackie Joyner-Kersee long leap over a couple of fallen guarded players as he infringes on the 45-yard line.

Resolved to keep up his Venus and Serena Williams’ endurance, ลงเงินกับแทงบอล he ventured forward. However, his objective was nearly lost at the 10-yard line when he had to walk a tight rope like Mary Lou Retton on an equilibrium pillar. At last, he gets wrecked from his blindside like the beneficiary of a Mike Tyson blow. Regardless, nothing is lost except for the breeze he needs to stand up and play once more. Who thinks often about his breeze? He just scored a touch down and it’s the longest play in Super Bowl history!

Congrats, James Harrison! Who has to know something darn about football when you’ve consolidated 6 unique games into a solitary play in one game? Man, I’m wearing my Mike Piazza T-shirt from now into the foreseeable future. I’ve gotta get your next game.



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