NFL Football: Raji Is Latest Player Who Feels Compelled to Celebrate on Way to End Zone

NFL Football: Raji Is Latest Player Who Feels Compelled to Celebrate on Way to End Zone

NFL Football: Raji Is Latest Player Who Feels Compelled to Celebrate on Way to End Zone

For what reason can’t football players stand by to really score a score before they begin celebrating? Don’t they have a feeling of distance? Do they understand that in the event that they stand by a little while longer, they can praise all they need?

I comprehend that this is simply the period ingestion with respect to competitors. Everybody’s a finance manager, and the “see me” pose turns out best for a few, I presume. However, humiliation and disgrace, which could be the other side of such movement, isn’t great business for anybody aside from NFL Films, which will figure out how to make it part of “Football Bloopers.”

The person I’m pondering right currently is B.J. Raji, the larger than usual guarded lineman of the Green Bay Packers, who dropped back in inclusion, made a capture and ran it into the end zone against the Chicago Bears in the NFL Championship Game. Obviously, he was unable to oppose the impulse to hold the ball out there like a portion of bread, for the reasons for exhibition, one would assume, before he got to the end zone. I can’t think about some other explanation. He got the ball taken out of his hands, and it was just his accidental good karma (and we should put the accentuation on “stupid”) that the play didn’t bring about a touchback.

Haven’t any of these folks at any point known about Leon Lett? คาสิโน โบนัสเล่นฟรี Without a doubt, when Lett permitted Don Beebe to take the ball out of his hands during Super Bowl 27, the result was at that point chose (last: 52-17, Cowboys). Be that as it may, it looked moronic, and something discloses to me Lett would have shown-off regardless of whether the game was on the line. Raji’s shenanigans happened when there was just a seven-point edge between the Packers and the Bears, yet what the heck – it doesn’t appear to issue.

Absolutely it hasn’t made a difference to DeSean Jackson, who hasn’t been 100% effective in doing it (or even 75%). However he doesn’t learn. I envision players feel they’re on to an idea that is vital: that it doesn’t actually matter whether they win or lose, insofar as they’re on SportsCenter and the spotlight is on them. What alternate way could one glance at it?

I don’t realize whether Green Bay mentor said anything to Raji, a person considered by some to be a head case going into the NFL Draft. I question he tended to it, in light of the fact that the outcome was, all things considered, the final product. In any case, there’s another Green Bay mentor from an earlier time, who I think you’d concur was very acceptable. A chap named Lombardi. I can nearly promise you HE would have said something, and it would have been a ton more grounded than “Behave like you’ve been there previously.”



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