Dan Fouts Biography – NFL History

Dan Fouts Biography – NFL History

Dan Fouts Biography – NFL History

Football Biography Team: San Diego Chargers

Number: 14

Position: Quarterback

Stature: 6’3″

Weight: 210 LBS

For 15 years,Dan Fouts was the flight authority of the San Diego Charger’ air assault. Fouts made a lifelong discharging slugs through NFL safeguards. He tossed long, he tossed short and he tossed regularly. Something beyond San Diego’s enormous firearm, be that as it may, he was additionally the group’s chief. Unshakable, keen and probably the hardest man to at any point take a snap. Fouts procured the admiration of his colleagues with his rousing play under tension. Remaining in the pocket until his most profound recipient broke into the unmistakable, Fouts ingested extraordinary discipline to shoot one bomb after another. In any event, when the hour was the most dreary, he would beg the guard to get him the ball only once again, and that is all he required for another downfield assault.

Features include:

AFC first class passer in 1979

NFL MVP in 1982

2 time NFL TD Passing Leader

4 time NFL elapsing yards pioneer

6 time Pro Bowl determination

Outperformed 40,000 passing yards in 1986

51 Career 300 yard games

Was enlisted into the NFL football lobby of notoriety in 1993. คาสิโนออนไลน์88

Did you know?

At the point when Dan Fouts left the University of Oregon in 1973, he claimed 19 of the school’s hostile records.

During the 1982 NFL players strike, Fouts coordinated and ran the Chargers informal exercises.

A three game competitor in secondary school, Fouts figured football was his most obvious opportunity for a vocation since he was unable to dunk or hit a curveball.



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