The Raiders May Be Better Than People Think

The Raiders May Be Better Than People Think

The Raiders May Be Better Than People Think

The Oakland Raiders are a fascinating group. Predominant in the prior piece of the decade on account of players like Rich Gannon, Jerry Rice, Charlie Garner, and Tim Brown, the Raiders have battled powerfully in the course of recent years, endeavoring to remake, and experiencing numerous issues en route.

Different analyses, similar to the Randy Moss, Lamont Jordan, and Daunte Culpepper tests, have been disappointments. While there’s been a solid disregard safeguard in Oakland the beyond couple of seasons, that has been almost it, as the group has an exceptionally difficult time scoring.

With some initially round draft picks in the course of recent years, some new expectation might be happening as expected in Oakland. Champion draft picks Darren McFadden and JaMarcus Russell have both given indications of progress in the 2009 season, particularly for Russell’s situation.

Russell hasn’t by and large been extraordinary, however he’s been productive enough to let the safeguard and the remainder of the group tackle its work.

With a close to triumph over the Chargers in week 1, Raiders fans had something to root for, without precedent for years. The group then, at that point, gone to Kansas City in week 2 to confront the Chiefs. คาสิโนถูกกฎหมาย

Its an obvious fact that the Chiefs aren’t viewed as one of the better groups in the NFL, however they were as yet preferred to overcome the Raiders in this game. The Raiders, be that as it may, played some proficient football (particularly protectively against new Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel), and wound up with a 13-10 success.

I don’t have the foggiest idea about the last time the Raiders were 1-1 to begin the season, however there have most likely been more 0-2 beginnings than 1-1 beginnings lately. They must be content with the results of the initial two games.



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