American and English College Sports Fired the Revival of the Olympics Games

American and English College Sports Fired the Revival of the Olympics Games

American and English College Sports Fired the Revival of the Olympics Games

The history and development of sport as we know it today with mass appeal begun as an 18th century phenomenon first in England then spread to the whole Europe and the Americas. The first sporting code to have developed mass appeal thus influencing thousands of people was soccer. It was in England that by the late 1800 that the waves of sporting activities were fired up in the consciousness of people – literally thousands of soccer clubs were founded by church organizations, trade unions, factories, and railway workshops.

Rugby, just like soccer started in England in the late 1800. Rugby was primarily played by students. The greatest plush English private schools played rugby, Universities of Oxford and Cambridge played it too. So rugby started much like an upper class sport and it was more complicated than soccer and harder to play without getting dirty. So it was not as popular as soccer which drew hundreds of thousands people to its cup finals.

American football also started in the universities, it was close to rugby but in the 1880s it evolved into what we now watch as American football. It is more violent compared to rugby. During the 1905 season college football games produced 18 deaths and close to 200 severe major injuries – this perhaps it is what attracted fans into stadiums to watch college athletes maim each other. Baseball was less bloody but it was just as popular after the American civil war – that was the time when it was codified and became an adult game. By the 1890s baseball players were organized and started to negotiate salaries and transfers. It was also during these times that Baseball was being exported to Cuba and Central America. Gamblers and sports manufacturers were making good money out of the sport. คาสิโนที่ทันสมัย

By that time, sport of strictly American origin had been born in 1891 at the YMCA in Springfield in Massachusetts where a gymnasium instructor invented basketball to relive the boredom of gym classes. Within a few years basket ball was being played all over the world as well as in American colleges and it was played by women as well.

It was an example of American and English college sports that fired the Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin to revive, the ancient Greek Olympic Games. And the first modern Olympic Games were to take place in 1896 in Athens. And in these Olympics Games American athletes dominated and did very well as they still continue to dominate the Olympics Games today.



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